Impact Work, Impact Japan



Orient Strategy focuses on bringing the Gospel to the men and women in the workplace (where many of the capable leaders and individuals are).

  1. We want to impact the work culture of Japan with the Gospel by being a company grounded on Biblical values and “planting” other companies that share the same basic DNA of a kingdom-oriented business. Characteristics such as:
    • Treating employees as unique and respectable individuals, not a replaceable piece of equipment.
    • Emphasis not on what the person can do for the company, but what God’s plan for that individual is and what the company can do(or not do) to support that.
    • managing workloads to allow people to thrive rather than driving them into the ground.
    • a company that has considerations of not just the employees, but their families as well.
    • Striving for excellence, not out of fear of failure or loss of face, but because we serve a God that deserves our all.
    • A company that seeks the glory of God, rather than the glory of the company or self.
  2. It is very difficult to build relationships with Japanese workers in Japan if you are not in the business sector because they are at work all the time. Working together with business partners and clients grants us access to these individuals who would probably never meet a Christian, let alone receive an invitation to church or hear about Christ. Because work is highly esteemed, working together and doing excellent work creates a “camaraderie relationship”, giving us the right to speak into the lives of other people.

3. Our company invests time and resources in projects that bless the community and the Church:

Example 1 – Playground Project: This initiative was a project our company planned to restore several playground in the Tohoku area (hit by the Earthquake) because there were many children who were unable to play outside due to debris and dangerous objects. We called out to an playground equipment manufacturer in the USA and a domestic installation company to make this happen.

Example 2 – Ecclesia Project (Market Research on the Church): As mentioned above, the church in Japan has not grown like we all had hoped in the past 500 years. There are many theories and discussions, but as a professional market research company, we believe that one strength we can leverage to contribute to the church in Japan is to design, implement, and fund a professional market research study on the churches in Japan. Our hope is to be able to identify key areas that churches and missions organizations in Japan should be focusing on. (What are the needs of the church? Of the Japanese community? Where are the bottlenecks in evangelism? In discipleship?) Data from the research will be available for free.

In relation to the church survey, we would be conducting research on the general community. (To a non-believer, what are the perceptions they have toward church and Christianity? What are the biggest needs they have now? etc) To give some context, there is still a very large gap between the church and regular society in Japan. We hope we can help churches be more involved with their communities. Our ultimate vision is to see Japan become a nation that blesses the world (physically and spiritually). We believe changes in the culture need to happen (a Japanese culture redeemed by the Gospel and not a Westernized-Japan) And for that, the hearts of the leaders (at the moment, predominately males) need to turn to Christ. Orient Strategy is committed to bringing the Gospel to these men, who are living in the Japanese workplace.