Japan is attractive as a market, but it’s also complicated and mysterious.  Business culture is quite different and what you hear and see isn’t always what it seems. Orient Strategy will help you navigate this complexity to establish your business objectives here. Japan represents a significant opportunity for companies in the healthcare sector looking to expand sales and profits.  Because of the very stable medical, financial and regulatory systems in Japan, clients with excellent products or services would benefit from launching their products in the Japanese market.  Orient Strategy facilitates the on-the-ground activities of clients locally, through various means as required by the strategy and resources of the client. In some cases, Orient Strategy would act as a client’s virtual office in commercial negotiations and interactions with local thought leaders and medical societies, as well as support the interface between regulatory activities locally and client’s headquarters overseas. Alternatively, we can help establish a local entity on behalf of our client (e.g. OS Medical Inc. -> OS Medical Japan K.K.) and staff the organization locally, while keeping the full governance and ownership with the client overseas. There are a myriad of options to structure the organization that best suits your market entry needs. Orient Strategy will not only help design the best scenario for you, but we’ll also execute that strategy on your behalf. Anyone can build a powerpoint presentation for you, but we will continue with you until you have established a sustainable presence in the market.