Jonathan has over 15 years of experience working in the healthcare sector, primarily within pharmaceuticals, as well as with healthcare technology companies, hospital management organizations and medical service providers. Within pharmaceuticals, Jonathan has been involved in leading the development of numerous new blockbuster brands and led the growth of Zyprexa in Japan, the number one selling product for Eli Lilly Japan K.K..  He has managed successful business development partnerships between major U.S. and Japanese pharmaceutical companies, and successfully led the acquisition of numerous small healthcare start-ups.  Jonathan has driven numerous transformation initiatives within Eli Lilly and was involved in corporate training and capability development for senior executives within the Japan market.

Jonathan has also held a number of other roles in launching and growing start-up healthcare technology companies.

Lilly logo JPG - redEli Lilly Japan K.K. – Multinational Pharmaceutical company with significant presence globally and Japan.

NeuroMetrix Inc. – Neurodiagnostic technology company focused on point-of-care solutions for the neurological disorders associated with diabetes.